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       At The Physical Therapy Center, you'll find all that and more. People love coming to us because the atmosphere here is so conducive to making progress and getting good results while enjoying the friendly, relaxed environment. Whether you are suffering from back pain, foot and ankle pain, neck and spine pain or have recently had a sports injury or a car accident, we have over 50 years of physical therapy experience to guide you down the path of complete rehabilitation. Feel free to browse around on our website to read about our specialty services and how to start the process in getting treatment. Don't wait, call us TODAY!!

Direct Access for Physical Therapy - What does it mean?

Direct Access and self-referral means that patients are able to directly come to a physical therapist without having to see anyone else first. Not every insurance plan requires a doctor's referral to get treatment. Studies have shown that Direct Access and self-referral to physical therapy is clinically cost effective and results in satisfied patients.

Patients who refer themselves:

  • Are more proactive
  • Are more apt to make health decisions
  • Take less time off work and return sooner
  • Are more likely to stay committed to a treatment plan
  • Are more satisfied with care

Direct Access & self-referral saves money through:

  • Reducing cost of seeing other health professionals
  • Fewer visits needed the sooner you seek help
  • Less secondary care
  • Reducing costs to society with time off work


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